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Our project
Hello friends!
We are #ecoworldvibe team.
We are eco event and contant organizing team.

Ecoworldvibe is movement that joins community, education and action!

Education - video blog about eco friendly lifestyle, zero waste business solutions and eco life hacks and eco articles.

Action - eco events, clean ups, zero waste forums for people and business.
Community - we join together people from all world to make good things for our Planet, become friends and big family.

Goals :
Make eco friendly lifestyle available for all and everywhere
Keep our Nature clean and healthyHow:
show people how it is easy and chip to become eco friendly step by step
Support eco awareness among business
Spread eco ideas and art among youth
Join us and become part of great team
Our Team
We connect people with eco-thinking
Ivan Sofin
Founder, Director, Filmmaker
Tatiana Khomiakova
Founder, Art Director, Filmmaker
Artem Lebedev (Artyx)
Digital Strategy
Taya Korotkova
Upcoming events

22-28 oktober 2018 KLEEF
The 11th International Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival!
The largest ECO film festival in Malaysia!

On which 90 directors from all over the world will gather in order to present you their films about nature rescue and Ecological movement on the planet!

From seminars to talks, film screenings on forums, and also do not forget about the amazing Green Market, training platforms and entertainment programs for all ages!

We are glad to inform you that we will participate in this festival as a media team!
We will make useful and interesting content about the ecological movement, and record interviews with a large number of directors on this topic!

See updates on our site and join the world vibrations! Hooray)) With gratitude, Ecoworldvibe team.

2-6 november 2018

Volunteer participation in the shooting of a festival dedicated to the eco-consciousness, rescue of Orangutans and tropical forests of Sumatra
Venue Indonesia

Funds required for:
payment for airline tickets Bali-Sumatra-Bali
Donation for shooting and installation team

October 2018
form business ZERO WASTE canggu Bali at Living Food Lab

ECOWORLDVIBE organizes ECOFORUM - a training event for managers and business owners in Bali - goal:
show how to minimize waste during production
save resources
to adapt and apply eco tools now and at no cost
start trend of eco awareness
to engage businesses in the elite eco community
Venue LIVING FOOD LAB, (green school Bali Indonesia)

Event management managers and businessman to show zerowaste solutions

Funds required for:
room rental, advertising and poster design, fruit for guests, rendezvous for speakers, donation for organizers, donation for filming and editing
You can support the project with money transfer or other help.

October 2018
Temple Clean Up Besakih Bali - Agitation education action

Plastic cleaning of the greatest temple of Besakih in Bali

Funds required to support the event.
advertising and poster design
gloves, bags, picking sticks
fruit and gasoline for participants
Donation for organizers
Donation for shooting and editing
car rental for transportation of inorganic waste to the recycling center

Vegan festival
Eco and vegan community lighting
Search for new business ideas
Funds required for
Donation for shooting and editing

October 2018
"Let the fruits speak" Children's content
Filming the project - fruit section:
"Let the fruits speak" Children's content
Each fruit talks about its usefulness.

Funds required for:
fruit, light and props
advertising, design and hmm costs
audio purchase
Donation for organizers
Donation for shooting and editing

October 2018
Plastic Remuse for KIDS - voiced processing
An event for children and adults - we bring with us plastic trash and record sounds (samples) on the microphone - and then we collect the musical composition and dance

Funds required for:

room rental
advertising and poster design
Donation for organizers
Donation for shooting and editing
Donation for composer musician
fruit and raw treats for children
Video from our events
Unknown sea creatures found on the islands in Indonesia have been thrown onto the shore with tons of plastic trash.
According to @eco_tale_project, two mermaids died suffocating from plastic debris in the ocean.
This problem is found in the world more and more often; tons of drifting debris and inorganic waste in the oceans kill thousands of innocent animals ... How can we help? To tell and show people the result of the plastic boom (after all, many don't even know where the garbage from their garbage cans go), and also to inspire people to use new eco lifehacks and simple tips on how to make the world cleaner - starting with themselves.
Cleaning from the territory of Sebatu
Removed 200 kg of garbage
Attended by 20 people

ECOvlog ECOWORLDVIBE vol.1 Sebatu area Jungle CleanUp by @Devyatsot #ecovlog #junglecleanup #cleanbali #recycling

Preparing for the event on Sebatu
Cleaning from the territory of Sebatu
Removed 200 kg of garbage
Attended by 20 people
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